Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission announces 25 paisa rebate for roof top solar power

Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission (HERC) has announced a 25-paisa rebate on every unit of electricity generated through rooftop solar power plants in September 2014. Now, it brought clarity to the net metering facility for consumers installing rooftop solar power plants by making amendments to the relevant regulations. t was made mandatory that all buildings in the state with a plot size of 500 square yards or higher should install solar power plants,

Now, DHBVN will take charge of the process including installation of meters specifically made for net metering, billing, incentive, and augmentation of infrastructure including transformers where needed.

Net metering is similar to the existing metering system that the user will be able to source supply from both the grid-connected line of the discom and the roof-top solar power plant installed at their home. If supply one of these sources (electric grid or solar power plant) stops, the net metering system switches over to the functional one. The meters designed specifically for this purpose will record how much electricity was used from which source and accordingly the discom will adjust the difference while billing.

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