Indian government imposes anti dumping duty on Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Sheets

India government to impose anti-dumping duty on a Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sheet used in making solar cell imported from China, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Thailand for five years in order to safeguard domestic players from cheap imports from these countries. The anti dumping duty may be levied in the range of USD 537 to 1,559 per tonne. The product is a polymer based component used in the manufacturing of solar PV (Photo Voltaic) modules.

It may be noted that, imports of the sheets from these countries increased to 6,367 tonnes during the period of investigation (October 2016 to September 2017) from 4,674 tonnes in 2016-17. The imports stood at $1,025 tonnes in 2015-16 and $594 tonnes in 2014-15.

In March 2019, India has extended anti-dumping duty on imports of certain types of sheets used in solar cells from China, South Korea, and Thailand for another five years.



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